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Dreamlover 2000 enforcement added to The Blackboard

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Just in case the certificates and Mistress Cassandra’s audio incentives weren’t tumultuous enough, The Blackboard now has Dreamlover 2000 enforcement as well! Typos were never quite so … shocking! To endure (or enjoy) this punishment, add The Blackboard’s URL to the list of enabled pages in the DL Lounge and then open this URL in the DL Browser. You will then be treated to a message that a connection is available and warned to arm your browser if it’s not already. If you can complete the entire detention period without disarming the hardware, you’ll be given credit on your certificate stating that the DL2000 was used throughout.


Additionally, a few minor bug fixes were rolled into this release. Internet Explorer versions prior to 9 are once again working, sans audio. The chalkboard font on iOS devices was switched to Noteworthy for better readability. Happy typin! ZAP! Happy typing!

- Ms Cassandra’s geek

Audio Incentives added to The Blackboard

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

I have added audio motivators to The Blackboard as an added incentive for you boys to complete your detention. Now get typing and don’t fail me!

- Mistress Cassandra

New Sissy Category added to The Blackboard

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

By popular demand, Mistress Cassandra ordered a new “Sissy” category be added to The Blackboard. This selection is not enabled by default so you will have to click it to get, and receive credit, for this category. So put on a clean pair of panties and start typing gurls.

Leaderboard added to The Blackboard

Monday, October 21st, 2013


Per instructions from Mistress Cassandra, The Blackboard has been upgraded to include a Leaderboard. As she explained it to me, competition between boys is a good thing (oh no!). Here, the top performing boys (and their owners of course) can display the fruits of their servitude and dexterity. Only boys who “opt in” to displaying their results will be included. This feature is off by default as shown in the screen below.

The Blackboard

So come on boys, make your Mistress proud by getting their name high on the new Leaderboard.

Mistress Cassandra’s geek

The Blackboard Detention Certificates are Hot!

Sunday, October 20th, 2013


The Blackboard has generated 8047 certificates to date.


Get yours now!


Interactive online detention for chastity slaves

Saturday, October 19th, 2013


There are times when my remote boys need to be punished. To assist with that, I now have a new online detention page called The Blackboard. This nifty little tool can keep their hands occupied for hours (very useful since their cocks are usually all locked up). The best feature of this detention facility is its ability to verify their compliance to my commands with virtually no effort. If they don’t complete the required assignment, they can’t send me a Certificate of Detention Completion. Since this certificate is only generated upon successfully finishing detention, no certificate means no joy! Detention consists of them typing submissive phrases one line at a time. Each line is checked for accuracy and mistakes are punished by adding additional lines. I can even require them to finish within a given time limit and assign them specific categories such as humiliation, submission, obedience and reverence! The joys of cloud computing can definitely be put to use in service of the Modern Mistress! So if you have (or are) a bad boy that needs a little detention, send them over to The Playground for correction. Look for more interactive slave correction and training to be added soon!

Mistress Cassandra (aka The Dicktator)