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ms-cassandra.com is now a secure web site

You may now access your favorite chastity games site via a secure connection. Now you can be locked even more securely! You can easily switch to the secure protocol by clicking the “GO SECURE” link at the top of the left-hand margin column.

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4 Responses to “ms-cassandra.com is now a secure web site”

  1. Ecock says:

    How do I make a change in the Online Dice game if I create one?

    • MsCassandra's-geek says:

      Unfortunately, there is no way to edit a dice game once saved… Just have to create a new one with the desired changes.

      Thanks for playing!

  2. Bryan says:

    Hi, was wondering ifi could resart the proctor. Can’t clean the stove at night and didn’t realize how evil this was! Loved the edging at first! Until I got mad, came and was sent to the torture chamber. Good stuff! Woulf like to play for real.

    • MsCassandra's-geek says:

      Thanks for the kind words Bryan. To start a new game, just clear the cookies from your browser and click “The Proctor” link again.

      – enjoy!

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