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Proctor Beta 3 Released


As promised, the Beta 3 release of the proctor is now available. All currently games should upgrade automatically without problems. In addition to a ton of new content and image link fixes, a new surprise: integrated combination lock image storage on The Playground server. Like CarliLock, EmlaLock, ChastityLocked and other image holding sites, uploading an image inside the game prevents you from opening a combination lock until the game releases the image, and thus the combination back to you. To save your lock release image, upload a JPEG image by clicking on the control with the camera icon and upload the file. When your time for release (hopefully) occurs, the image will be shown and you will be able to open the lock.

Instructions remain the same from the original game release, but new activities, features and capabilities have been added for your enjoyment.

Compatible with IE10+, Safari, FireFox, Opera, iOS, Chrome, Android

22 Responses to “Proctor Beta 3 Released”

  1. Samu says:

    I am having an issue that my game will only be saved during my first browser session. Everytime I want to go back to the game it starts from this point.

    • MsCassandra's-geek says:

      Hi Samu,

      Thanks for playing … and sorry you are having trouble. We have identified the issue and corrected it. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention! If anyone else encounters this problem, please clear your browser cache (only needed once). The game will properly refresh from then onward.


  2. slave garry says:

    Something has gone wrong. I am not sure what I have done, but the game seems to have frozen. I have several requirements running including 8 days in chastity. Is there anything I can do to retrieve the information and get the game running again? Brilliant and varied game. Thank you for all your hard work
    slave garry
    Silly slave of Nocturnal Animal

    • MsCassandra's-geek says:

      Hi slave garry,

      Your game has been fixed. There is an error in the program which caused your issue. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.


  3. Stephan says:

    in the website of Jennifer, ive put the game id in given after i set up the game.
    then i had to set chastity to 8. and was supposed to run 8 rounds when i returned.

    in the game when i press info i get this:

    Game ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Created: Tue Mar 15 2016 22:43:14 GMT 0100 (W. Europe)
    Chastity Penalty: 3 hours
    Goal Increment: 200 merits
    Lifetime Moves: 43
    Lifetime Merits: 3300

    i see chastity penalty 3 hours. i started with 8 before the game. but ust been told by Liz she sees 13 days.
    also i had to go 8 rounds. but cant see how many ive gone. and im so certain ive done 8 already.
    how do you see if you have done 8 rounds.?

  4. craig says:

    I just signed up with Jennifer in Control, and would like to restart my game and enter her information. Is there a way to do this?

    Thank you.

  5. MsCassandra's-geek says:

    Hi Craig, Thanks for playing. Yes, you can restart a new game by deleting the cookie associated with the Proctor link. You can clear all cookies (easy) or go for the ID stored by the Proctor (harder because you have to know where they are stored and how to get to them).



  6. sean says:


    just curious, I’ve uploaded a combination release image, then hit the “stroking salon” but haven’t been given the image to unlock/.. is this a bug?

    thanks for the amazing game.

    • MsCassandra's-geek says:

      Hi Sean, Thanks for the kind words … we appreciate it!
      The behavior you experienced is expected. The lock image feature was added in Beta3 but the activities inherited from previous releases were not modified. So you have two choices: 1) Select “Fail” when asked if you are hard or 2) Look longingly at the sexy woman and suffer in your cage as they taunt you. Either way, we hope you “enjoy” the experience! As you get to higher ranking levels, those images get even sexier so keep playing … the activities get updated from time to time so new choices may appear without prior notice :)


  7. sisboy says:

    hi guys,
    thanks for this great game <3

    But there's a big issue I hope you'll fix.
    It's about the key thing. When I locked the key away and dont know the combination until the game's ober and I receive the picture, its impossible to do stuff like stroking or edging so I get punished everytime I land on one of these spaces.
    I dont know if it was in your intention, but it would be nice if I'd have a chance to get unlocked for this tasks.

    But as I said, its a great game! :)

    • MsCassandra's-geek says:

      Thank you for your note. As above response to “sean” states, this is expected behavior. This may change in the future, but for now you have two options, fail or suffer :)

  8. Craig says:

    I was playing tonight for a while and then left the game. I had earned six hours of chastity, and was down to about four and a half. A minute later I logged back in to check something, and I got a notice, along with The Who, saying that my chastity requirement had expired.
    I just earned my second star the other day.
    Is this a common glitch or is it just me?


    • MsCassandra's-geek says:

      Hmmm… We are not aware of any glitch which would cause this. Thanks for letting us know. Make sure you only run the game in a single browser (client) window. Running in multiple windows or from multiple devices can lead to synchronization problems like the one you describe.

      Thanks for playing!

  9. Craig says:

    Hi again.

    So tonight I played for a while and accumulated twenty hours in chastity. I logged out for an hour, checked back in, and it was down to under three hours.
    I’m only running the game in one tab in Chrome.
    Just thought I’d let you know.

  10. Chris says:

    Hi there. This game is fantastic, great work and potentially so much fun.

    The only thing I’m struggling to wrap my head around is the star rankings.
    How do you go up in star rankings? Is it dependant on overall merit points, games played, or tasks completed?

    For example if I wanted to go up the star ratings quickly so I start a game with say a target of 100,000 merit points? Or does that not matter?

    Also I would love to play this game with my partner, but it’s not really geared towards that as it assumes you’re remote. Are there any plans on adding couple options such as when you complete an oral task rather than getting a toy, it simply tells you to complete the task with your partner instead?

    Keep up all the brilliant work. Sites like this make the internet worthwhile!

  11. mafsub says:

    Great game! Love the chastity photo release feature.

    One comment though: I found some combinations of assignments (almost) impossible:
    1. chastity cage is on, then have to add a humbler …
    2. humbler on, then have to stand up and do flying jacks

    Maybe in a next version further intelligence could be built in, so combination assignments are more realistic?

  12. Nevs says:

    Hey I play for a while and i must say it’s amazing. But there is one big bug, when I’m in chastity then I can make my cook hard or rub it, but there are tasks about this. Maybe You should only stroke your cook, when you not in chastity.
    Another nice option would it be, when the owner could upload the chastity release picture. And the owner should be able to raise the wear time, if the slave make something wrong.

  13. Lakeisha says:

    Liked proctor greatly! Why there no any limit of time for work (such as cleaning windows or room) for lazy subs? or the announcement “Serve me penis-puppet! Your lack of attention and failure to obey my commands in a timely fashion have earned you an infraction!” really not enough unpleasant consequences for such actions, maybe torture chamber or penalty time to chastity sentence are more suitable?

  14. Liz says:

    I have lost my contact details but it appears that the link between proctor and play-link.com is broken. It may just need a quick change to point to https instead of http? Let me know if I need to change anything on my side, thanks.

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