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The Proctor – Online training tools for the Modern Mistress

Beta 2 Released

The next version of The Proctor (Beta 2) is now online. The location of the latest update is the same as before and all previously documented URLs remain identical. Those who had game sessions running in Beta 1 will automatically be upgraded to Beta 2 features. Some exciting new capabilities and have been added as described below. We hope you enjoy these enticing enhancements.


Requires HTML5 compatible browser

New Imagery

Based on user feedback, the game now features a plethora of new images to entertain and further frustrate the chaste participant. Over 2000 links to the web’s most erotic D/s pictorials have been classified and are now displayed in beautifully animated slideshow fashion as you, the submissive, make your way around the board. Each activity features scenes appropriate to specific board square and particular event. To encourage compliant behaviors, the imagery gets more explicate with the user’s star ranking. One star will yield mostly PG rated photos. Those with two stars will see R rated pictures. Three stars… well you just have to play and find out! Note, none of these images are hosted from The Playground. As such their copyright holders may change or delete these links at any time.

5 Star Ranking

Each submissive now begins the game with one star. If they obey Mistress Cassandra’s orders, they will be awarded additional stars for good behavior. Bad behaviors, such as reloading the page to avoid a distasteful activity, will delay the opportunity to advance. Also, additional activities are enabled as the user achieves additional stars.

Information & Options Dialog

A new dialog is available to customize the game play to your environment. Included in this panel is your Game ID, a number which can be shared with your owner to monitor progress. Additional information include when the game was started, the current goal increment, lifetime moves and merits accumulators as well as the current chastity penalty. The chastity penalty is based values selected when the game was initiated, but may be modified during activities in the game. The new option to dynamically include this session in the leaderboard list enables users to add or remove themselves when desired. Note that after changing this option it may take a while for the leaderboard to update reflecting the new setting. The animation settings for both counters and images will enable fluid updates of these items. Since this animation takes additional processing and energy, those users wishing to conserve batteries may choose to disable these features. The game dynamically selects the resolution of loaded images based on the browser’s window size. If, because of bandwidth limitations or data charges, you prefer to reduce this resolution below the automatic configuration, select the “Low-Res Images” option. Finally, selecting the ‘Mute-Chirp” option will silence the default timer sound.

Messaging System

A new messaging system is available in the Owner’s Portal. In addition to monitoring the slave’s activities and progress, the Owner has simply to click “Send Message” to be presented with a edit window for commanding their submissive. If the sub is online, they will be alerted to the new message. If not, the message will be saved until they return online. All messages from the Owner are saved on the server and can be read by the submissive at any time… but remember your Owner can see when you read each message! Note that these messages are not intended to be a replacement for chat, it takes several minutes for each message to be delivered. Rather they are a way for distant, anonymous play partners to communicate asynchronously.

Release Notes

An issue exists in detecting the orientation on some mobile phones. If the opening dialog is not presented properly, please rotate the phone to the portrait mode and then back to landscape. This will resize the game board and properly display the dialog for you to continue. As always, be safe, have fun and let use know of issues via the comments here at The Playground.

17 Responses to “The Proctor – Online training tools for the Modern Mistress”

  1. The Leaderboard for The Proctor is now online. The link is available on the Chastity Games page. Owner’s and slave’s gender is color coded. A sissy gets both colors!

  2. Foxy says:

    I’m having the same issues as someone mentioned in another post. I have the issue of “Hidden” section, in the owners portal. If it’s of any help both computers are on the same network.

  3. MsCassandra's-geek says:

    Hi Foxy!

    Thanks for taking the time to message us about this. Alas, it is working as designed… but maybe not as desired. Until I enable the owner portal password login, I prevent computers on the same net as the player from interacting with the Owner Portal. As a workaround, a mobile phone / tablet connected through a cell carrier (not the WiFi) should enable you to see the log and send messages to the player. We will enable the owner password feature in the near future to solve this issue.

    Thanks for playing!

  4. Foxy says:

    Got access to the Owner portal using a VPN. So that is a work around for now.
    We have been trying the Proctor on and off the last day. During that time of signing in and out it seems that user data is not always kept, session to session. Most the time it reverts back to an earlier instance with loss of progress (timers that had finish revert back to ongoing).
    Will closing the whole browser instead of closing the tab make for better results? We usually use Firefox, if that helps.
    Also we were just testing, never really paid attention to the setup options. Is there a way to reset and start fresh?
    Thanks in advance for the help a great tool for keeping a pet occupied and monitored.

  5. MsCassandra's-geek says:

    Hi again!

    Glad you now have access to the owner portal. Closing the browser window, tab or navigating to a different page will save the game state to the server. You can check that the server received this message in the owner portal by looking for the “GAME UNLOAD” action. One possible cause of losing progress is having the proctor running in multiple windows / computers with the same GameID. Each instances will overwrite the others game state. To restart a new game, clear the browser history with “cookies” selected for deletion. Then navigating to the game link will start a new game in which you can set the desired options.

    Thanks for the kind words. We hope you and your pet enjoy! .

  6. JStarz says:

    I am having an issue that whenever I go back into my game, it completely resets. Not sure if this is something anyone else has seen – I did try it in two different browsers trying to resolve the issue. Just to note, this started with the Beta 2 release.

  7. MsCassandra's-geek says:

    Hello JStarz,

    We are sorry you are encountering difficulty. This can happen if two browser sessions are using the same gameID. Please make sure you have only a single session active at any one time. Also, to insure your game state is saved at the end of a session, please try reading messages (envelope button). This should not be necessary but it will force a save if the browser you are using is not operating as expected. We will analyze the server logs for any anomaly which may be impacting your game. Thank you for playing and we apologize for the inconvenience.

  8. Delphimike says:

    When in chastity and landing on edge or stroke (coin game) it enters a never ending loop -works fine when not in chastity, I think where it would normally exit the mode is skipped. Did a test where edge lasted over an hour, seeing the same with stroke today too.

  9. Dressurhund says:

    I have just become free!!!
    But I think Mistress Cassandra will never let me go, because she just locked me up again with an evil smile on her beautyful Face.

  10. Dressurhund says:

    I have a question could you do some thing like sending a message about once a week with an order? Or just increase the chstity time and say something like: “Your Mistress wants you to stay longer” and then add something about a day or so?
    That would be great!!!

  11. Kawaru says:

    Hello! I wanted to try the game, before doing it really. I think I messed up my game sessions via different browsers. I would like to start a new game from the start, could you reset it?

  12. Sheila says:

    When is the next version coming out…

    • MsCassandra's-geek says:

      Very busy lately which leaves little time for side projects. Good news, I was able to make a simple patch which fixes many, but not all, of the broken image links. I hope to fix the remaining links shortly. A new set of activities was created for the “3 star” and above group. I hope to add these as soon as they are thoroughly tested. In the mean time, enjoy and follow Ms Cassandra’s directions.

      Yours in chastity,

      P.S. If you have ideas for additional content, please feel free me leave them in a comment for me. I read everything that is submitted, even if delayed by a bit.

  13. dan benna says:

    hi. ya got to idiot proof something like saving the URL for me. ive tried to play, and think it’s brilliant, but it’s also useless without being able to save/ any help? if you wish for all the excellent work to be useful, and I don’t mean to sound ignorant, the whole URL aspect needs simplified, explained. something.

  14. darky says:

    Hey, I think the proctor could gain from some sort of multiplayer mode where two or more slaves play to get a chance to cum and only one can cum at a time or something like that. Almost like a real board game, but a lot better!

  15. Locked says:

    I agree that would be so hot if in a group (5 or less) only one got to cum… I would so behave ;)

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