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Chastity for Valentine’s Day?

proctor-b2The Beta2 release of The Proctor should be available before Valentine’s Day. Based on all the feedback we received (Thank You!), this update includes numerous enhancements, enticements and activities to keep your lucky Valentine locked and loaded for days, weeks and even months to come (or not). What’s new you ask?

  • * A database of over 2000 sexually explicit images
  • * Image sequences, animated transitions and counters
  • * A 5 star ranking system to encourage obedient behavior
  • * New activities that become available as your rank increases
  • * Messaging capabilities for your owner to send commands
  • * A new control panel to adjust resolutions, animations and sounds
  • * Leaderboard functionality and inclusion options
  • * Enhanced tablet and mobile phone browser support

We are excited to share this latest release and will post it just as soon as it is ready. Thank you all for your support and participation. Don’t forget to call Mistress Cassandra (800 730 7164) and humbly thank her for providing this site for your entertainment!


5 Responses to “Chastity for Valentine’s Day?”

  1. Barons says:

    Awesome! I love these programs! Thanks!

  2. Dressurhund says:

    Will she ever let me out?
    I cant get lower then 9 days!
    But if she wants me to, then i will stay locked up for my Mistress.

    • mscassandra says:

      9 days???? Is that all you have??? You mean you can’t go beyond 9 days? I have boys in 9 months! No mercy for you….

      • Dressurhund says:

        No, no, Mistress!
        You missunderstand, I was locked up for month but but every time I tryed to get out I steped on the Chastity-field and had to stay longer.
        So it always said: 9 days and atthe next day : 8 , then I always steped on the field and had to stay a day longer.
        So its about 3 or 4 month now!
        And my Balls are feeling very heavy now.

  3. Dressurhund says:

    Will you ever let me free?
    I just came out of chastity and you just locked me up again!
    But if you thinki its for the best that I am locked up then you can play with me as long as you want to my Mistress.

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