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Introducing “The Proctor”

It’s ready for it’s first victim at http://ms-cassandra.com/

Who will be my first victim on the chastity themed board game? This game can be played by everyone, so have fun and let me know how you like it.


2 Responses to “Introducing “The Proctor””

  1. Hertoy says:

    Awesome… will you be publishing a list of “toys” or “tools” needed to cover all requirements in the game? Noticed an issue where requirements overlap like a gag is in, but the current request is for a tongue exercise. Also a request to get hard while in Chastity…

  2. MsCassandra's-geek says:

    Thanks for playing Hertoy,

    We hadn’t considered releasing a toy list. The down side of doing this is spoiling some of the mystery. We will consider it.

    The board is setup to minimize overlaps, but you are correct that they can happen. We have some ideas on how to deal with these and will explore them after Beta 2 is released (coming soon).

    - the geek

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