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The Proctor (Beta 1) Release!

The wait is over… The Proctor (Beta 1) release has been put online! From the geek’s perspective, it has been a monumental journey to bring this game to fruition. So, what is The Proctor? Basically it is a chastity themed, BDSM oriented, online activity generator which can be played by individuals, online play partners or real-time couples. The Proctor is a game that cannot be won or lost. It will continue to generate random scenarios, some of them increasing in difficulty, as long as the players desire to participate. Use it to provide both incentive and variety to your sexual adventures! We hope you enjoy :)


Starting the Game

To start a game, click the button above and you will be presented with the setup screen. Here you can choose the names and genders of the two participants as well as a few options which will be used throughout the game’s activities. You can also select the initial and penalty chastity periods for the lucky slave. When you select Create new game, a session with your personalizations is simultaneously run in your browser and saved to the server. In the opening dialog, the user is presented with a customized link to their game. SAVE THIS URL LINK as it is the only way to reliably return to your unique game environment once the browser session is closed. As gameplay progresses, the game state information is continually (and anonymously) sent from the browser to the server. If the submissive needs to stop playing for some reason, they can simple close the browser window / tab. To return to the game, just enter the URL saved previously and you will pick up from where you left off. Geeks note: a cookie is stored to simplify returning to the game. However, saving the URL is still recommended since clearing the browser’s storage can deleted these.

Owner’s Portal

Online play partners or real-time couples can benefit from the Owner’s Portal. This is a page dedicated to enable the owner to review the actions (or mistakes!) of their property. Each roll, move, activity and failure is saved into a chronological log on the server for later inspection and review. Owner’s may, at their leisure, peruse this log to determine if the slave has performed up to expectation. Geeks note: All timestamps are recorded in the slave’s timezone. Long distance Owners please adapt accordingly. Owners can access the portal for a specific game by requesting the game link from their slave. Simply transfer the unique game number from the slave’s link into the Owner’s portal link as follows (or better yet, have your slave do it for you):

slave’s link:


Owner Portal link:


A note to Owners: If you would like to create a game for your slave, follow the instruction to create a game as described above and save the link from the opening dialog. You may then send this link to your slave for them to enjoy. Please don’t select begin… as this will start the chastity timers and rob your slave of valuable lockup time. You may inspect the log at the owner’s portal to see when they have started their game.

A note to slaves: You can use any compatible browser on any device to access your game. You can start the game on a laptop and later continue from a mobile phone. However, please close the browser session on the initial device before launching it on a second to avoid game state confusion. Also, you should keep your game number private. That is of course unless you want someone else to rack up penalties and punishments on your behalf.

Image Links

Many of the activities allow for the recording of image links (URL references) to the Owners Portal. These links are intended for use by the Owner to determine if the slave complied with the instructions in a quality manner that reflects positively on the Owner’s training. Please be aware that no images are stored on the server! Rather, it is intended that both the Owner and slave have access to a mutually agreed upon photo sharing site (of which there are many). The slave simply needs to save or upload the image to the selected site and paste the URL link into the dialog when prompted. This timestamped link will be stored into the Owner’s Portal and viewed upon request simply by clicking on it.

The Comment button on the game board enables the slave to send a message to the Owner. Simply type your message into the provided text field and it will be entered into the Owner’s Portal for later inspection. I suggest being respectful :)


This work is funded by Mistress Cassandra. If you enjoy this game or anything else on this site for that matter, please consider giving her a call at 800-730-7164 to support continued development. The authors gratefully acknowledge all the pioneers who came before us to entertain, encourage and inspire.

Cyber Mistress
Virtual Master
Frugal Domme
PC Master

A Final Word

What Beta 1 means… We have made every attempt to validate this software for functionality and safety. However, as always with a program of this complexity, errors or omissions of which we are not aware may be present. Respectful feedback and suggestions are encouraged to improve and enhance everyone’s experience. As always. play safely and responsibly. Mistress Cassandra’s Playground accepts no responsibility for defects or misuse of this program.

Have fun!

15 Responses to “The Proctor (Beta 1) Release!”

  1. Anpu says:

    This is feedback on the Proctor: Three errors found so far, 1 in “domestic service” task “toilet clean” we had code pop up instead of actual instructions, 2 in the owners portal activity log is marked “*** HIDDEN ***”,3 in the stroking salon coin flip game it seems that there is an error in the code that prevents a match and the continuing of the game (this may be intentional but statistically 10 “tails” in a row shows an error in the code) I hope this helps, if I see other errors I will gladly pass them along.

  2. MsCassandra's-geek says:

    Thanks for the feedback Anpu!

    #1 – Defiantly a bug that will be fixed in next release.
    #2 – This is a feature… the server “hides” the owner’s log if it determines a player is attempting to view their own log. We may change this approach if feedback shows it to be a problem.
    #3 – It is statistical so you may have just been “lucky”. I will review the code to be sure.

    We appreciate the help and support!
    -the geek

  3. deaf_chastity says:

    I think it would be nice when it require picture, it also provide unique number so slave can’t “fake” it by take picture in advance time before game

  4. Dressurhund says:

    Well could please somebody explane me who to use the owners portal? My girlfriend wants to use it

  5. MsCassandra's-geek says:

    I’ll make a post describing the intent and usage of the Owner’s Portal shortly.

    Thank you for playing!

  6. Sissy Tiffany says:

    I was interested – what does the perpetual chastity box do when first starting a game?

    I’m also interested in how the photos work when completing tasks. Another user mentioned the idea of having a unique key for each task, so that photos can’t be faked – but it would also be interesting to have the program know whether or not a link is included, and possibly not award merit points for no link, to help encourage the user to actually submit a link each time.

    Thanks for the game that you are putting together it remains very very fun!

    • MsCassandra's-geek says:

      With perpetual chastity enabled, you will never be given permission to orgasm – :)

      It is possible, using the appropriate process, to have an indication if the photos are faked. Most cameras encode the date and time that the photo was taking into metadata known as EXIF tags (Exchangeable Image File Format). In a real photo, the EXIF timestamp should match the owner’s log timestamp… assuming the EXIF tag was not edited. However, be aware that many cell phones strip the EXIF tag data when uploading photos to protect the user’s privacy.

      The program does know if a link was uploaded at the competition of a task and takes this into consideration…

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  8. chipples says:

    Not sure if this is a problem or not but how am I supposed to do the stroking or edging tile if I’m locked in chastity and the game wont release me?

  9. tinted says:

    I’m also having the same problem as Chipples. I can’t do anything during the Stroking Salon or Life on the Edge spaces while in chastity. With the nice added feature of uploading a locked combination, I can’t get out when landing on these spaces.

    I would either like a button to get released, or a button for slaves currently locked up to skip through.

  10. Ryan1970 says:

    How are pictures captured? Is there something I need to do to enable pictures to be taken while playing on my laptop?

    Yeah…newbie here and I want to make sure my photo evidence makes it to my Mistress.

  11. Blueeyedguy says:

    I’ve been able to complete every chore so far apparently faster than I’m allowed. For example, it took me under a minute to make the bed. But I was penalized for finishing quickly, and then I had to sit there and guess when I should hit the completed button. Any chance to get those numbers tweaked?

    • MsCassandra's-geek says:

      Hi Blueeyedguy,

      Minimum times were set to a typical duration required to achieve a “quality job” in the eyes of Mistress Cassandra. As such, they are not open to interpretation or tweaking… but you can always call Her and try to persuade :)

  12. Jason says:

    Mistress Cassandra, I love your Proctor game. It is awesome. I am wondering two things- can you make a downloadable version? And, could you make a gay version with male images only?

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