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Sissies Who Love Cum Eating

Imagine being dressed to the nines getting ready to eat your cum for Mistress….mmmmmm…http://thedicktator.com/cocklock/sissy-cum-eaters/

One Response to “Sissies Who Love Cum Eating”

  1. Sabrina says:

    All sissies need to be locked in strict chastity, be teased often, but allowed to cum rarely. I believe a sissy should never know when their Mistress will let them cum, and should not be allowed to ever ask when they will get to cum. Cumming is a reward for long periods of good service to their Mistress, and only she should ever know, when, how, or if a sissy will get to cum.

    One thing is clear ANYTIME a sissy gets to cum, it is a requirement that the sissy lick every last drop up… all cum, goes in a sissies mouth, with no exceptions. This would include cream-pies, sissy performed blow jobs, or any stray cum from anyone in the house.

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