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Chastity Dice Game Now Online

The chastity dice are now rolling at The Playground! Want Mistress Cassandra’s devilish bones to determine how long you should lockup? Want to roll with her for a chance to unlock? How about letting her wicked dice determine if you should cum? All of these games are now available and ready to torment you!

Customize? 1135 personalized dice games saved to date.

As an additional feature, you can create your own custom game with all the kink you (or your chastity partner) can handle! Simply click the custom game button, fill out the form and finish by saving to Mistress Cassandra’s server. You will be presented with a link you can forward on to your play partner. Each roll can have 3 possible outcomes:

Game Over: Your command is displayed and no more rolls are allowed

No Delay: Your command is display but the player can roll again immediately

Delay:  Your command is displayed but the player must wait for the specified time before rolling again (the minimum and maximum delays are in seconds)

Maybe if you’re good, Mistress will blow on your dice and wish you… luck!


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    This is awesome!

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