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Mistress locks server’s hard drive in chastity

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

We apologize for a temporary server outage that occurred this morning. The offending database entries, along with all their brethren, have been punished severely. The big, meaty, hard drive which powers this site has been locked up by a very displeased Mistress Cassandra. It appears that it will not be allowed to spew its bits to the world anytime soon. A new, well trained, ridged drive now sits in its place docilely serving Mistress any you. It serves at the pleasure of Mistress Cassandra.

Chastity Keyholder Mistress Cassandra Taunts You

Saturday, February 8th, 2014

It’s difficult to imagine…
… the power a woman has over a man when she holds… “The Key.”
The key to a release he so desperately wants.
The key to his fulfillment.
The key to his passion.
The key to the bliss that he craves with such intensity…
… he would do anything she asks.
With this key I can teach you to be so much more than you are now.
Imagine me, holding your key.
Sensuously teaching you.
Erotically training you.
Sexually molding you into a weak… obedient… ┬ádocile… PET!
A pet that serves woman in the manner they deserve.
Kneeling at their feet.
Hoping to see… praying to touch…
… ever anxious to serve the woman that holds the key.


Imagine your lock flesh, straining for release.
You beg me to relent.
You plead to me for mercy.
I smile knowing that now you are ready to learn.
Ready to learn the lessons of how to serve and service a woman.
Ready to ingrain the behaviors a woman deems appropriate for you.
Ready to offer a woman your unrequited desire… just for her amusement!

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