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Dreamlover 2000 enforcement added to The Blackboard

Just in case the certificates and Mistress Cassandra’s audio incentives weren’t tumultuous enough, The Blackboard now has Dreamlover 2000 enforcement as well! Typos were never quite so … shocking! To endure (or enjoy) this punishment, add The Blackboard’s URL to the list of enabled pages in the DL Lounge and then open this URL in the DL Browser. You will then be treated to a message that a connection is available and warned to arm your browser if it’s not already. If you can complete the entire detention period without disarming the hardware, you’ll be given credit on your certificate stating that the DL2000 was used throughout.


Additionally, a few minor bug fixes were rolled into this release. Internet Explorer versions prior to 9 are once again working, sans audio. The chalkboard font on iOS devices was switched to Noteworthy for better readability. Happy typin! ZAP! Happy typing!

- Ms Cassandra’s geek

3 Responses to “Dreamlover 2000 enforcement added to The Blackboard”

  1. slave4teamviewer says:

    Wow, I must admit I was skeptical of how effective this would be with my dl2000. To say I was shockingly surprised is putting it mildly. I can see how this can be used to give great incentive for improvement. Thank you so much for creating this for us Ms Cassandra. I will hopefully be able to complete this assignment without correction one of these days when I have a bit more time to write all 100 lines.

    Curious as to if you plan on adding Chrono-Vault scripting to this as well. I can only imagine a day or week of time also added for each error. Wow!

  2. MsCassandra's-geek says:

    Good suggestion! Thank you.

    Some interesting “activities” are under development. Please feel free to pass along any additional ideas you may have.

    Thanks for visiting the Playground!

  3. MsCassandra's-geek says:

    Congratulations to Ms. Gina and her “pawn” for achieving the new #1 ranking on the leaderboard.

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