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Mistress Cassandra’s One Armed Bandit


The slots are here! Are you feeling lucky boy?


Don’t pull the handle unless you agree to be bound by the¬†outcum! Call me before playing and I’ll make sure you get all of your winnings.


10 Responses to “Mistress Cassandra’s One Armed Bandit”

  1. Inform me of any issues running the slots.

  2. Sezualchoc says:

    I loved the spinner
    but What exactly is a “mistress whim??”
    and why does the slot machine stop if you get this??

    • Ms Cassandra's geek says:

      Hi Sezualchoc,

      Thanks for playing and your feedback! I made it for Mistress Cassandra to entertain her boys. When playing alone, I suggest “Lock up for 1 day” in replacement for “Mistress’s Whim”. It was Mistress’s intention that once the “final” outcome was achieved, the game was over for the day.


    • mscassandra says:

      You must be a caller to have a whim. Say I am training you via phone, I send you to play and if you spin the whim, I chose the outcome.

  3. cb_sub says:

    Its probably just me but can the slot outcomes be more descriptive. I never played slots before and don’t understand it.

    • MsCassandra's-geek says:

      Hi cb_sub,

      I will attempt to make the results more descriptive. A quick question, is your browser pre – IE9? If so, you should see the message “No audio available for this browser!” message at the top of the screen.

      Thank you for playing!

  4. MsCassandra's-geek says:

    The game has been updated to read, “Mistress’s Whim (1 Day Lock Up if solo)”

    Also, when you “win”, payline descriptions are now visible in pre IE9 browsers.

    • mscassandra says:

      Much better and easy to follow.

    • Shigeko says:

      Dear Sissy Danielle. I’m afraid you are not the only Sissy to sggrutle to locate my tasks. I have just attempted to simplify the process (not just for the blonde sissys out there). You should receive an email in the next hour or so with your first sissy tasks for you to download. If it doesn’t arrive or if you have any more problems please don’t be shy and let Mistress know. Love your sissy blog so far! Love Mistress xXx

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